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Ambassador to the elves

Along the shores of the Anduin, an elderly Beorning is walking. She is an ambassador for her people, on the way to Lorien. She has dressed in a light summer dress and wears a golden cloak to match the golden … Continue reading

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Home sweet home

Ranfrith has bought a house, and just finished decorating it. Now she is enjoying some food and just relaxing. Here is a nice little outfit I put together for my beorning. I didn’t really have an idea what to make … Continue reading

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Updated: Warden of Annúminas

Ingwyn has spent a long time in the north, around the lake Evendim, helping the rangers fight off the Angmarim and the tomb-robbers. She has dressed in the same colours as the banners, and decorated the robe with stars. My … Continue reading

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Updated: A little party

The hobbits are fond of good food and drink, and tonight Thodo has joined some festivities at the party tree. As usual, he tries to impress with his clothing, and has chosen a purple robe with silver trimmings, and a … Continue reading

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Updated : Shopping

Ingwyn isn’t only studying when she is visiting Bree. She has also gone shopping, and is very eager to try on the fashionable city clothes, so different from the rather rustic stuff she used to wear back home in Rohan. … Continue reading

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Updated: The champion

Evelara is in Fangorn Forest, helping the Ents. She wears full armor with a nice heraldic cloak. New pictures of the old champion outfit. I took them in Fangorn, which might have been a mistake, because it is quite dark … Continue reading

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Updated: Grim business

Calardis is exploring Dunland, wearing sturdy clothes and a leather cloak, paired with some heavy boots. Another quest outfit, this time belonging to my minstrel. Here I changed the shoulders, because I thought they looked too bulky in the original … Continue reading

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