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A day in the Shire

Thodo is going to visit a friend. He is bringing a pie, and has dressed in his nicest every-day clothes, with a rather fancy cloak, because he is a vain guy, after all. A hobbit outfit for a change 🙂 … Continue reading

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Easterling captain

Easterlings have invaded the Great River region. One of their captains is on a scouting mission and has been attacked by an enemy. He wields a sharp halberd in his defense, and is protected by a long tunic with metal … Continue reading

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Updated: Lady in red

Danvien is in Rivendell, getting supplies for another hunting expedition. As always, she is dressed fashionably, this time in red and mild brown. She is sure to turn some heads in the vale of Imladris… New pictures of my hunter’s … Continue reading

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Updated: Elven sentinel

Mimbaril is patrolling the road through the Lone-lands, to prepare way for a party of Elves going to the Grey Havens. He is wearing a beautiful elven chestplate, mail leggings and a pointy helmet, and carrying a heavy shield as … Continue reading

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Update: Summer traveller

Ingwyn has been walking for days in the warm summer sun, and she is really looking forward to taking a break and stay in Bree for a while. She is dressed in practical clothes and her loyal lynx companion is … Continue reading

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Little warden

Glindra has always wanted to go on adventures, and she is now in the Ered Luin Region, where a nice elf has taught her the ways of a warden. Eager to serve, she has enlisted with the dwarves of Gondamon, … Continue reading

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Ingwyn isn’t only studying when she is visiting Bree. She has also gone shopping, and is very eager to try on the fashionable city clothes, so different from the rather rustic stuff she used to wear back home in Rohan. … Continue reading

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