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Elegant elf

Zarond is visiting Frostbluff to celebrate winter, and has dressed up in elegant red. This outfit gets published a few months later than I had intended, I made it for Yule-fest but never got around to making the blog entry … Continue reading

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This blog has grown less active this last year, mostly due to lack of ideas and inspiration, and running out of good-looking items to use 🙂 Another reason is, I have become involved in the in-game music community, since early … Continue reading

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Bree-land guardian

Mimbaril has enlisted as a guardian of Bree-land, patrolling the lands surrounding the town. He wears sturdy, practical armour with a round shield for protection. Hopefully the brigands will stay away today, as the weather is very nice. Time for … Continue reading

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The Crimson Champion

Night has fallen over Barad Gularan. A mighty warrior clad in crimson is patrolling the halls inside the fortress, looking for intruders. But isn’t there something familiar about her…? Time for a new post 🙂 I’ve been lazy,and busy too, … Continue reading

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Updated: Memories of fire

Hervald is in his chamber in Thorin’s Hall, remembering the old days in the city of Erebor. He wears some elegant clothes and a cloak with a design symbolizing the fire of Smaug, the dragon who ruined his old home. … Continue reading

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Updated: In the cold North

Alfric has ended up in the far north, in icy Forochel, training his skills as a captain. He is fascinated by the beautiful landscape with its turquoise colors and icy plains. He has also won the confidence of the locals, … Continue reading

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Updated: Dressing like the locals

Calardis has travelled to Dunland. She is looking for new songs and helping people with different tasks. She has decided to dress like the local tribes, in colorful clothes decorated with fur and mystical patterns. Back when I made this … Continue reading

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