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Exploring the ruins

Ranfrith has gone on an expediton to explore and study the old ruins of Bree-land. She has dressed in green, to blend in with the forest a little. Practical leather pants and boots, a hat to prevent bugs crawling into … Continue reading

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Updated: One fine day

Mimbaril is exploring the lands north of Bree. He has heard about a beautiful waterfall that is well worth a visit, and he is on his way to it. He wars practical clothes in burgundy and green, with sturdy boots … Continue reading

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Updated: Little explorer

Glindra is an adventurous little hobbit girl, and she has always been fascinated by the elves. Therefore she often travels to Ered Luin, visiting the elves of Celondim and the dwarves of Thorin’s Hall. Today she is exploring the forest … Continue reading

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Turtle hunter

Thodo is looking for turtles, because someone said their shells are valuable, and he is hoping to catch and sell some of the little creatures. This is an updated version of the post called Charming the ladies, but I re-titled … Continue reading

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Updated: Grim business

Calardis is exploring Dunland, wearing sturdy clothes and a leather cloak, paired with some heavy boots. Another quest outfit, this time belonging to my minstrel. Here I changed the shoulders, because I thought they looked too bulky in the original … Continue reading

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Updated: Hunting in the snow

Danvien is hunting in the Misty Mountains, wearing warm clothes in white and grey, with a deep blue cloak as accent. This little lynx doesn’t seem afraid at all… My hunter’s quest outfit. I think it’s a practical outfit for … Continue reading

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Updated: A dwarf going to war

Hervald has decided to join a campaign against the goblins in the Misty Mountains. He has gathered some pieces of armor to protect him while he casts his runes, and he has a nice cloak with an image of a … Continue reading

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