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Elf in blue

Another outfit without a story to it. This elf is just an outfit model and I haven’t made him a background story ๐Ÿ™‚ But he is from Edhellond, the elf-haven in Gondor, and this outfit is meant to represent that. … Continue reading

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A day in the Shire

Thodo is going to visit a friend. He is bringing a pie, and has dressed in his nicest every-day clothes, with a rather fancy cloak, because he is a vain guy, after all. A hobbit outfit for a change ๐Ÿ™‚ … Continue reading

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Rohirrim soldier

Waldgrim has joined the forces at Helm’s Deep. Saruman’s army is moving, and the battle will soon be joined. Waldgrim has armed himself with a shield, decorated with horse-heads, and he is ready to defend the fortress. Time for a … Continue reading

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Spring lass

Spring is in full bloom, and this hobbit girl has dressed nicely to go out in the sunny weather. Here is a simple little outfit for my hobbit girl. It was meant to be in my origins-category, and I’ll put … Continue reading

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Defender of Dale

Alfric has returned to Dale after traveling around for years. There are rumours about Easterlings attacking soon, and Alfric is ready, wearing practical chain mail armour. Time for an entirely new outfit ๐Ÿ™‚ My captain, who comes from Dale, in … Continue reading

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Updated: Memories of fire

Hervald is in his chamber in Thorinโ€™s Hall, remembering the old days in the city of Erebor. He wears some elegant clothes and a cloak with a design symbolizing the fire of Smaug, the dragon who ruined his old home. … Continue reading

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Updated: Gondorian lady-soldier

Evelara spent some time in Minas Tirith before going on her adventures. Being of noble birth, she stayed at the court of the steward, and tried to get accepted into the Citadel Guards. When that failed, she decided to make … Continue reading

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