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Spearman of the marsh

A little hobbit warden is patrolling the Midgewater marshes. She tries to blend in with her pumpkin-colored armor, so she can sneak up on the goblins. This isn’t stricly a masquerade outfit, but I ran out of ideas so this … Continue reading

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Anduin wanderer

This elf is a messenger between Mirkwood and Lothlorien, travelling along the shore of the Anduin. She wears a long robe and a hood, and rides a horse with ceremonial gear. It’s been a while since my hunter got anything … Continue reading

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Ambassador to the elves

Along the shores of the Anduin, an elderly Beorning is walking. She is an ambassador for her people, on the way to Lorien. She has dressed in a light summer dress and wears a golden cloak to match the golden … Continue reading

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Moria messenger

It is the old times before the fall of Moria, and this messenger is walking from the 21st hall to the lower depths, bearing important tidings. He is dressed in an ornate blue robe and a cloak decorated with the … Continue reading

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Poor fisherman’s wife

Somewhere in Rohan there is a poor village on the banks of a stream. A few fishermen live there, and this evening the young wife of one of them is out, looking at the weather, trying to determine if the … Continue reading

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Easterling captain

Easterlings have invaded the Great River region. One of their captains is on a scouting mission and has been attacked by an enemy. He wields a sharp halberd in his defense, and is protected by a long tunic with metal … Continue reading

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Elf sentinel

There is peace in Lothlorien right now, but there has been some sightings of orcs outside the borders, and this elf is patrolling the lands, making sure no unwanted visitors enter the forest. Her armor is more ceremonial than practical, … Continue reading

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