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Helping the dwarves

Zarond is in Ered Luin, helping some dwarf merchants with their cargo. He wears practical clothes in green. An adventure outfit for my elf champion. I’ve had the chest and legs in my wardrobe for a long time, and now … Continue reading

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This blog has grown less active this last year, mostly due to lack of ideas and inspiration, and running out of good-looking items to use 🙂 Another reason is, I have become involved in the in-game music community, since early … Continue reading

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Warden of Chetwood

Waldgrim has ended up in Bree-land, where he is fighting the Blackwolds of Chetwood. He wears a long padded robe as protection, and a sturdy shield to defend himself with. Time for my Rohirrim warden to make another appearance, dressed … Continue reading

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Poor fisherman’s wife

Somewhere in Rohan there is a poor village on the banks of a stream. A few fishermen live there, and this evening the young wife of one of them is out, looking at the weather, trying to determine if the … Continue reading

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Exploring the ruins

Ranfrith has gone on an expediton to explore and study the old ruins of Bree-land. She has dressed in green, to blend in with the forest a little. Practical leather pants and boots, a hat to prevent bugs crawling into … Continue reading

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Elf champion

No story to this outfit, just some pictures 🙂 Here is the other new outfit model I created when I got 2 new slots at the transfer process. This guy became a champion, and I made him a champion outfit, … Continue reading

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Updated: Practising rune-casting

Hervald fled from the Lonely Mountain when Smaug attacked, and made his home in Ered Luin. He used to be a cook, but has now started to learn the art of the rune-keeper. He is wearing a green robe with … Continue reading

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