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Ambassador to the elves

Along the shores of the Anduin, an elderly Beorning is walking. She is an ambassador for her people, on the way to Lorien. She has dressed in a light summer dress and wears a golden cloak to match the golden … Continue reading

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This blog has grown less active this last year, mostly due to lack of ideas and inspiration, and running out of good-looking items to use 🙂 Another reason is, I have become involved in the in-game music community, since early … Continue reading

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Trollshaws elf

Calardis is back in Eriador, in the Trollshaws, looking for inspiration to her music. She has dressed in soft fall leaf colours of gold and orange, to blend in with the landscape. New outfit for my minstrel. I was tired … Continue reading

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Moria messenger

It is the old times before the fall of Moria, and this messenger is walking from the 21st hall to the lower depths, bearing important tidings. He is dressed in an ornate blue robe and a cloak decorated with the … Continue reading

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Elf sentinel

There is peace in Lothlorien right now, but there has been some sightings of orcs outside the borders, and this elf is patrolling the lands, making sure no unwanted visitors enter the forest. Her armor is more ceremonial than practical, … Continue reading

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Miner from Scary

Before Thodo became a burglar, he worked in the quarry of Scary. He learned to not be afraid of the dark, or of other creepy things, like the spiders that one day invaded the quarry, when someone dug too deep. … Continue reading

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Defender of Dale

Alfric has returned to Dale after traveling around for years. There are rumours about Easterlings attacking soon, and Alfric is ready, wearing practical chain mail armour. Time for an entirely new outfit 🙂 My captain, who comes from Dale, in … Continue reading

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