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Elegant elf

Zarond is visiting Frostbluff to celebrate winter, and has dressed up in elegant red. This outfit gets published a few months later than I had intended, I made it for Yule-fest but never got around to making the blog entry … Continue reading

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Spring party

Spring is here, and Waldgrim is going to celebrate with the hobbits at the party tree. He has dressed up in elegant clothes. Let the dancing begin! Time for a nice party outfit, now that Spring Festival is in full … Continue reading

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Spring is here

Spring has arrived and there are festivities on the fields outside of Bree. Hervald has dressed in his finest and is singing, eating, drinking and dancing together with some hobbits. The weather is finally getting warmer, and what better than … Continue reading

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Partying with the Elves

The elves of Duillond are having a feast, and a young Beorning called Ranfrith is also invited. She has dressed up in her finest, wearing a sea blue dress with matching cloak. Time for a new post from this lazy … Continue reading

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A little fun before the battle

Calardis has come to Minas Tirith, along with many others. The enemy is approaching, and before everything goes bad, Calardis wants to cheer the citizens up with some music. There is soon a big party in one of the taverns. … Continue reading

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Updated: A little party

The hobbits are fond of good food and drink, and tonight Thodo has joined some festivities at the party tree. As usual, he tries to impress with his clothing, and has chosen a purple robe with silver trimmings, and a … Continue reading

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Updated: If ever I would have married someone…

There is a party at the inn, but Glindra is not happy. She is in love with a particular hobbit lad, who unfortunately does not return her feelings. He prefers to talk to his friends. And wearing her best dress … Continue reading

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