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Home sweet home

Ranfrith has bought a house, and just finished decorating it. Now she is enjoying some food and just relaxing. Here is a nice little outfit I put together for my beorning. I didn’t really have an idea what to make … Continue reading

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A dwarf in Bree

Hervald is staying in Bree for a time. Today he goes out in the town to buy ingredients for his cooking, wearing some comfortable clothes with a more fancy cloak. My runekeeper in his town-outfit. I renamed the post because … Continue reading

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Updated : Shopping

Ingwyn isn’t only studying when she is visiting Bree. She has also gone shopping, and is very eager to try on the fashionable city clothes, so different from the rather rustic stuff she used to wear back home in Rohan. … Continue reading

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Updated: Wannabe bounder

Before Glindra travelled to Ered Luin, she was living in Brockenborings in the Shire, where she used to patrol the roads, keeping an eye out for goblins. She was hoping to join the bounders one day, but before that happened, … Continue reading

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Updated : Mr. Vain

Thodo, a burglar from the Shire, has travelled to Bree to practise his skills. On his way to the shadier parts of the town, he found a mirror…and because he is vain to his nature, he just has to stop … Continue reading

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Updated: Lady in red

Danvien is in Rivendell, getting supplies for another hunting expedition. As always, she is dressed fashionably, this time in red and mild brown. She is sure to turn some heads in the vale of Imladris… New pictures of my hunter’s … Continue reading

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Updated: Visiting Bree-town

Alfric is back in civilisation for a few days, to stock up on food and do some errands. When he left Dale, he roamed around on both sides of the Anduin. He even went as far south as Ithilien, where … Continue reading

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