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Posts about my character’s life before “entering the game and starting to level”. Also personal things that happens to them during or after leveling, such as getting married or meeting someone.

Introducing Danvien, hunter of Mirkwood

Here is my little hunter Danvien of Mirkwood. I haven’t really made her story yet so I will add it later. But she already has a few nice outfits, which is the main thing:) Advertisements

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Introducing Ingwyn, loremaster of Rohan

Ingwyn was born in a small village close to the western border of Rohan, and her village was one of the first to be raided by Saruman’s hordes. Her parents were killed, and she fled west. Ingwyn was an only … Continue reading

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Introducing Alfric, captain of Dale

Alfric was born in Lake-town some fifty years ago. He learned the art of blacksmithing from his father, and later on also got skilled in making clothes from leather. When his parents died he left Lake-town and after a time … Continue reading

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Introducing Calardis, minstrel of Lindon

Calardis was born in Mithlond, the Grey Havens, at the end of the Second age. Her mother was a skilled chef, preparing meals for the sailors and shipbuilders, and Calardis learned her trade. Her father was a jewelmaker, but the … Continue reading

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Introducing Mimbaril, guardian of Rivendell

This is Mimbaril Longstride of Rivendell. He has lived for a long time in the Last Homely House, studying all the ancient texts in Elrond’s library. He has also visited other places of knowledge, like Minas Tirith. But as the … Continue reading

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Introducing Evelara, champion of Gondor

Evelara was born on the Silverbrook estate in Gondor. Her brother was trained in the ways of a warrior, and Evelara secretly watched his lessons, learning some herself. Her parents however wanted to marry her off to an elderly man … Continue reading

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