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Stories about what my character’s do in-game, such as visiting or exploring some region, defeating a boss, grinding this or that, etc.

After the dawnless day

Spoiler alert: showing pictures of Minas Tirith in sunlight 🙂 It looks very nice, much brighter than the murky, gloomy air of the dawnless day. Advertisements

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The first glimpse of Rohan

Spoiler warning: going to show picture of Argonath at the bottom of post, so if you want to see it firsthand on your own, return to this post later :P. So, Rohan is live, and I just have to make … Continue reading

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Moria minstrel

Even though most people nowadays try to get through Moria as quick as possible, I am not like them:) I did enough dungeons to buy some pieces of the minstrel armor set (Medallions of Moria barter). This is how it … Continue reading

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