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Spearman of the marsh

A little hobbit warden is patrolling the Midgewater marshes. She tries to blend in with her pumpkin-colored armor, so she can sneak up on the goblins. This isn’t stricly a masquerade outfit, but I ran out of ideas so this … Continue reading

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Anduin wanderer

This elf is a messenger between Mirkwood and Lothlorien, travelling along the shore of the Anduin. She wears a long robe and a hood, and rides a horse with ceremonial gear. It’s been a while since my hunter got anything … Continue reading

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Elegant elf

Zarond is visiting Frostbluff to celebrate winter, and has dressed up in elegant red. This outfit gets published a few months later than I had intended, I made it for Yule-fest but never got around to making the blog entry … Continue reading

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Fighting crebain

Ranfrith has been tasked with getting rid of some spying crebain in Bree-land. She likes to use her daggers, and also shoots the birds with her bow. Here is my Beorning girl again, this time in some kind of Beorning … Continue reading

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Spring party

Spring is here, and Waldgrim is going to celebrate with the hobbits at the party tree. He has dressed up in elegant clothes. Let the dancing begin! Time for a nice party outfit, now that Spring Festival is in full … Continue reading

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Helping the dwarves

Zarond is in Ered Luin, helping some dwarf merchants with their cargo. He wears practical clothes in green. An adventure outfit for my elf champion. I’ve had the chest and legs in my wardrobe for a long time, and now … Continue reading

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Ambassador to the elves

Along the shores of the Anduin, an elderly Beorning is walking. She is an ambassador for her people, on the way to Lorien. She has dressed in a light summer dress and wears a golden cloak to match the golden … Continue reading

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