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I’m not dead…

…just not working on the blog at the moment, I’ve been too busy with real life, unfortunately. Not sure if I will start making outfits again, I’m still playing but I’ve started over on another server and am busy leveling … Continue reading

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Well, my own little band performed at Shirefest yesterday, and we had so much fun 🙂 Otherwise, I’ve been busy in real life lately and not had the time to publish the last outfits I made. I’ll be busy all … Continue reading

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Anniversary thoughts

Lotro is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, and that inspired me to write a different post, a little walk down memory lane, as they say. I have not been here from start, I’ve “only” played this game for 6,5 years … Continue reading

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Spearman of the marsh

A little hobbit warden is patrolling the Midgewater marshes. She tries to blend in with her pumpkin-colored armor, so she can sneak up on the goblins. This isn’t stricly a masquerade outfit, but I ran out of ideas so this … Continue reading

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Anduin wanderer

This elf is a messenger between Mirkwood and Lothlorien, travelling along the shore of the Anduin. She wears a long robe and a hood, and rides a horse with ceremonial gear. It’s been a while since my hunter got anything … Continue reading

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Elegant elf

Zarond is visiting Frostbluff to celebrate winter, and has dressed up in elegant red. This outfit gets published a few months later than I had intended, I made it for Yule-fest but never got around to making the blog entry … Continue reading

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Fighting crebain

Ranfrith has been tasked with getting rid of some spying crebain in Bree-land. She likes to use her daggers, and also shoots the birds with her bow. Here is my Beorning girl again, this time in some kind of Beorning … Continue reading

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