Well, what am I supposed to write here?:) This is my Lotro outfit blog, where I occasionally might write about some other game-related topics as well.

My thoughts on outfitting: Unlike many other Lotro outfit bloggers, I make all my outfits to fit the characters that wear them. So when I feel the urge to create something, I go through my characters and figure out which one might need this or that. I am also very systematic to my nature, meaning that if one of my toons gets a specific type of outfit, I have to make that type of outfit for all my toons. So if my champion gets a party outfit, I won’t be happy until all my toons have a party outfit, and if I make a class armor for my captain, I want all my toons to have outfits that represent their class, and so on. I don’t yet have all types of outfits for all my toons, and that’s why I keep posting outfits.To fit in with this side of me, I of course have 9 toons, one of each class, with all races and genders represented.

Another thing is I don’t raid, for three reasons: One, I live in Europe, but play on an American server, which means I’m usually sleeping at raid-time. Two, my computer is old and slow, and I get like 3 fps only in a 6 man instance. Three, I simply wouldn’t have time to raid, even if I could. This means I can’t use any of the awesome raid gear in my outfits. Same goes for skirmishes by the way, I never liked them, never did much of them, and that means I haven’t got much skirmish marks either, to purchase other awesome armor pieces. So my outfits are made of quest rewards, crafted pieces, world drops, and reputation barter items mostly. And because of my crappy computer, my screenshots are not of the highest quality.


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