Anniversary thoughts

Lotro is celebrating its 10 year anniversary, and that inspired me to write a different post, a little walk down memory lane, as they say. I have not been here from start, I’ve “only” played this game for 6,5 years 🙂 It all started, sort of,  back in the spring of 2007 though, but at that time I didn’t know about Lotro. I was sharing a house with some other people back then, and two of them played another MMO, and somehow got me into it too. I stayed with that game until the fall of 2010, when I began to tire of it. One of those roommates had found out that Lotro would go free-to-play on the US servers, and he started playing on Firefoot. A couple of weeks after, I joined him there, being quite done with the old game. It was unpractical, living in EU and playing on US server, but it soon became home, and even after my friend quit I remained. Then came the server merges, and I moved with the kin I was in to Crickhollow, and discovered the ingame music community. I was hooked, being able to spend time in a virtual Middle-Earth was loads of fun, and still is 🙂

It feels like ages ago now…doing the intro quests in Archet for the first time, on my main toon, the champion. Exploring Bree for the first time, visiting Bag End, and then the adventure continued. Questing in Evendim before the revamp, when it was called Everswim, for a reason…(no boat routes back then). Being able to do most of the quests in pre-Moria areas without outleveling them. (I think they changed that too, quests started to give more xp and you leveled faster, none of my other toons have been able to do it). Gloomy Angmar, snowy Misties, remote Forochel, that felt like home because of the Finnish-sounding names…Entering Moria for the first time, that was awesome. Questing there, also before the revamp that made traveling and questing much easier, was a pain. Emerging on the other side, and seeing Lorien (and getting one-shotted for coming too close to the border, without enough rep…) for the first time…I was impressed with the beauty, the music, Caras Galadhon, everything.

After Lorien I think I spent some time leveling other toons, but when Isengard launched, it was time for my Eve to continue her adventures. One of the first things she did, if I remember right, was to explore, and go look at Orthanc, which looked very impressive indeed. She was always the first one to explore new content. As soon as Rohan launched, I took her down the river to look at the Argonath 🙂 Seeing Helm’s deep for the first time…and then passing through the Paths of the Dead, and into Gondor…she was home! Following the little river down to the valley, and the very cute little town of Morlad, which is still one of my favorite places in the game. Beautful Dol Amroth…the seagulls flying everywhere, singing about the ocean…And then Minas Tirith, I loved exploring it, despite the annoying lagg. And now we have gotten to the Black Gates, soon the story we know from the book trilogy will end, and I really wonder what will happen after that? I’m looking forward to it, no matter what 🙂

What an adventure it has been!

If you are reading this blog, feel free to share in the comments some of your most memorable moments from Lotro. Happy Anniversary!


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