Spearman of the marsh

A little hobbit warden is patrolling the Midgewater marshes. She tries to blend in with her pumpkin-colored armor, so she can sneak up on the goblins.

This isn’t stricly a masquerade outfit, but I ran out of ideas so this one ended up in that category anyway. Here I’m using another of the quest reward armor pieces from Gondor, along with this nice cloak I’ve coveted for a long time, and I finally got it 🙂 Also using the new (well, not so new anymore, maybe) Imladris fallen leaf dye, which looked surprisingly good with the undyeable steel blue parts.

Head: Helm of the Charging Stag, quest reward (66) Let Us Follow Them, Dunland

Shoulders: Scout’s Shoulder Guards, T6 crafted medium armour

Back: Ceremonial Wig-feld, Lalia’s Market, or Eorlingas lootbox

Chest: Robe of Anórien Mercy, quest reward (100) A Long Siege – Forgive him, Minas Tirith

Hands: Reworked Gloves, from the lvl 65 armour boxes meant for Beornings (quest rewards)

Feet: Dirtied Work Boots, Beorning starter armour

All six pieces are dyed Imladris Fallen Leaf

Shield: Threkhlief, dropped by Doomspeaker in Dark Delvings (Moria instance)

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