Fighting crebain

Ranfrith has been tasked with getting rid of some spying crebain in Bree-land. She likes to use her daggers, and also shoots the birds with her bow.

Here is my Beorning girl again, this time in some kind of Beorning outfit. I made something plain and practical that I think works well. The chestpiece looks like it’s made of shabby leather, and the shoulders add a touch of fur without looking too hot and unpractical for battle. And by the way, a craban looks very ugly when seen up close 😛

Head: Hood of the Anórien Sun, rust, quest reward Vol IV, Book 4, chapter 4: Tower of Guard

Shoulders: Grimbeorn’s Shoulders, black, Beorning starter armor set

Chest: Dwarf Leather Shirt, black, world drop

Hands: Battered Dunlending Gauntlets, rust, quest reward (66) Scattered Companions, Dunland

Legs: Supple Fangorn Trousers of Insight, black, T9 crafted (tailor)

Feet: Boots of the Anórien Tree, rust, quest reward Vol IV, Book 4, chapter 3: The Seven Gates

Daggers: Boar-Tooth Dagger x2, quest reward (35) Boar-Tooth Dagger, starts from a tusk randomly dropped by boars in Trollshaws

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2 Responses to Fighting crebain

  1. gloredh says:

    I don’t play a beorn (can’t get myself to like gameplay) but I love to see all the themed utfit people come up for them. I really like the orange and black combo in yours!

  2. Yeah I’ve leveled mine to 20 for no other reason than getting her the riding skill, so I could get all her horses out of the vault, I needed the slots lol. But I don’t like the class at all😊

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