Helping the dwarves

Zarond is in Ered Luin, helping some dwarf merchants with their cargo. He wears practical clothes in green.

Wonder if they have more goods in here…

An adventure outfit for my elf champion. I’ve had the chest and legs in my wardrobe for a long time, and now I found a use for them. The cloak is a bit weird but I decided it could work in this outfit. I’ve mainly matched colours in this one, and not so much armour pieces. Maybe not my best outfit, but it looks good on my elf lad 🙂

Let’s go!

Back: Nerth-clog, dark green, drops in Pits of Isengard instance

Chest: Jacket of the Friendship Stone, dark green, quest reward (71) A Prisoner to Stangard, Great River

Hands: Scout’s Gloves, ranger green, T6 crafted medium armour

Legs: Silver-Voice Leggings, dark green, Minstrel armour, available in different lvls from skirm camp classic vendor and barterer in Rivendell (Helegrod set)

Feet: Scout’s Boots, ranger green, T6 crafted medium armour

Swords: Marked-Blade x 2, drops in Urugarth instance

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