Warden of Chetwood


Waldgrim has ended up in Bree-land, where he is fighting the Blackwolds of Chetwood. He wears a long padded robe as protection, and a sturdy shield to defend himself with.


Time for my Rohirrim warden to make another appearance, dressed for his class. As it usually does for me, the outfit began from the chestpiece, which I’ve had in my vault for a while. I’ve usually tried it out on female toons, and didn’t quite like it. Then I discovered it looks different on a male toon, it’s much longer, and I liked it. The default light green color looked good, and I just added some pieces to make it into a battle-outfit.

class3 class5

Head: Burnoth’s Dented Helm, default, quest reward (76) Five Against the Wold, East Rohan

Shoulders: Light Nadhin Shoulders, dark green, Dol Amroth light armor set, or world drop/quest reward

Chest: Reinforced Coat of Kingstead, default, quest reward (86) Stilling the Wade, West Rohan

Hands: Gloves of the Anorien Sun, walnut brown, quest reward Vol IV, book 4, chapter 1

Feet: Shining Padded Shoes, dark green, world drop

Shield: Cleanser’s Buckler, quest reward (81) Chieftain of the Dead, East Rohan

Spear: Brunanc’s Demise, quest reward (49) The Worm-sire, Eregion. Etched Yew Spear (t3 crafted) has the same look


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