Easterling captain


Easterlings have invaded the Great River region. One of their captains is on a scouting mission and has been attacked by an enemy. He wields a sharp halberd in his defense, and is protected by a long tunic with metal plates. His once elegant cloak has seen many battles.

There is that outpost...

There is that outpost…

Here is my cappy disguised as an Easterling. There isn’t much armor in the game that looks Eastern, so I ended up using this hauberk and hat, which I’m sure others have combined before, so this outfit isn’t very original 🙂 But I think it looks nice, and he wears it, and that’s the main thing.



Head: Ceremonial Wandering Bard’s Helm, default, skirm camp cosmetic vendor

Back: Recovered Cloak of the Crossroads, umber, quest reward (100) Ashes and Stars, chapter 7

Chest: Hauberk of Rhun, default, lootboxes, or Lotro store

Hands: Gloves of the Vicious Proclamation, umber, barter: Cannuion in Tinnudir, runekeeper set

Feet: Shining Padded Shoes, umber, world drop

Weapon: Should be the lvl 75 SA halberd

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