Elf champion


No story to this outfit, just some pictures 🙂 Here is the other new outfit model I created when I got 2 new slots at the transfer process. This guy became a champion, and I made him a champion outfit, of a different style than the one my woman champion uses. A practical, and yet more elven-style, fighting outfit. Two nasty-looking axes complete the look.

class11 class5 class4

Shoulders: Exile’s Shoulderguards, olive, quest reward (50) Cold as Death, Forochel. Not a unique design, I think I’ve seen the same look on other items

Back: Cloak of the Ancient Ruins, olive, LOTRO store, or from Rift of Nûrz Ghashu

Chest: Breatplate of the Death-Storm, olive, champion’s Dol guldur set, skirm camp classic barter

Hands: Battle-Leaders Gauntlets, olive, captain’s Dol Guldur set, lvl 85 (I think…)

Legs: Westemnet Campaign Trousers, navy, T9 crafted (tailor)

Feet: Battle-Leader’s Boots, olive, captain’s Dol Guldur set, lvl 65, skirm camp classic barter

Weapons: Sower of Discord, quest reward (77) Words of Encouragement, East Rohan

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