Rohirrim soldier

Soon the battle begins...

Soon the battle begins…

Waldgrim has joined the forces at Helm’s Deep. Saruman’s army is moving, and the battle will soon be joined. Waldgrim has armed himself with a shield, decorated with horse-heads, and he is ready to defend the fortress.

They are so many...

They are so many…

Time for a new post, I’ve been busy with other things lately. A new outfit model makes his debut on the blog, dressed as a soldier of Rohan. I’ve long been meaning to make another Rohan-themed outfit, and finally got around to it. I was trying to make him look like an ordinary soldier, and I think this outfit turned out really nice. And it is very nice that you only need to be lvl 10 in order to enter the epic battles and take Rohan-ish screenshots :D. I actually tried taking him to Rohan the long way, I made it to Dunland before I got killed and auto-ressed in Bree. Not bad for a lvl 10 🙂

Oh no, my captain is in trouble over there

Oh no, my captain is in trouble over there

So many deaths...

So many deaths…

Back: Heavy Cloak of Westfold, rust, quest reward (93) Marton’s New Thane, Westemnet. This cloak design is very common and can be found as quest reward from a number of quests. Possibly also crafted, I don’t remember.

Chest: Hauberk of Flattery, rust, quest reward Vol III, book 11, chapter 5: Chamber of the Worm, Edoras

Hands: Battle-Leader’s Gauntlets, rust, captain’s Dol Guldur set, lvl 65, skirm camp classic barter

Feet: Treiglur-Lhopan, rust, Dunland or Isengard drop/quest reward (can’t find on wiki)

Shield: Shield of the Troll-Breaker, quest reward (84) A Thirst for Blood, Eastemnet

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