Elf sentinel


There is peace in Lothlorien right now, but there has been some sightings of orcs outside the borders, and this elf is patrolling the lands, making sure no unwanted visitors enter the forest. Her armor is more ceremonial than practical, and she is not expecting to find herself in combat…

Hey there deer

Hey there deer

Another outfit for the fantasy category. This time my minstrel is the model. I’ve been working on a Lorien outfit for a long time, wanting to use the dusky blue/violet of the Lorien night, matched with gold. I tried many dresses and robes, and nothing worked. Then I got this chestpiece from questing in Anórien, and got the idea to skip the dress look and make some kind of ceremonial combat armour instead. This has become a favorite outfit for her, and she wears it a lot. I like the bare legs and arms of the chestpiece, it’s a nice, summery variation to the all-covering things we usually get.


Head: The Warrior-Skald’s Hat, indigo, minstrel armour from Ox-Clan Merchant Camp, Isengard

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Relentless Fighter, indigo, champion’s armour set from Galtrev, bartered with marks and medallions or tokens from Isengard instances

Back: Willful Cloak of the Mark, indigo, T8 crafted (tailor)

Chest: Jacket of Anórien Mercy, indigo, quest reward Vol 4, Book 4, A Long Siege-Forgive him

Hands: Gloves of the Meadhall Defender, indigo, quest reward (77) Floodwend Besieged, East Rohan

Feet: Fine Grey Company Boots, indigo, quest reward Vol 3, Book 5, Chapter 1: Separate Ways, Dunland

Shield: Shield of the West-Tower, skirmish camp classic barter. There are several shields with this name but different levels, right now I don’t remember which one I have.


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One Response to Elf sentinel

  1. Mori says:

    Wow! Never thought of using this cosmetic in this way 🙂 Also really love the colors on the shield, so unique!

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