Bree-land guardian


Mimbaril has enlisted as a guardian of Bree-land, patrolling the lands surrounding the town. He wears sturdy, practical armour with a round shield for protection. Hopefully the brigands will stay away today, as the weather is very nice.


Time for this lazy blogger to post something again 🙂 This is an outfit I’ve been thinking about for a long time, but it took me forever to actually get it right. I wanted to make a local outfit for Bree, and tried on dozens of combinations before settling on this one. I’ve wanted to use the shield/cloak combo ever since I discovered it, but struggled with the very orange shield and the cloak which just wouldn’t dye orange. So in the end I gave him orange shoes instead, to match the shield. I wanted a helmet, but couldn’t find anything that worked, so he is bare-headed. I think it works, but another question is, does it say Bree-land on it…Anyway, here it is 🙂



Shoulders: Campaigner’s Shoulder Guards, red, world drop

Back: Cloak of Greyhammer, orange, quest reward Vol 2, book 9, chapter 2 :Rumours of Mazog

Chest: Dwarf Leather Jacket of Might, red, world drop

Hands: Quillmaster’s Gloves, red, Moria armour set, loremaster

Legs: Dwarf Leather Leggings of Might, red, world drop

Feet: Shoes of the Mark, orange, world drop, I think, can’t find them

Shield: Golthann, Malledhrim barter, acquaintance standing

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