The Crimson Champion


Night has fallen over Barad Gularan. A mighty warrior clad in crimson is patrolling the halls inside the fortress, looking for intruders. But isn’t there something familiar about her…?


Time for a new post 🙂 I’ve been lazy,and busy too, lately, with work and the holidays and all. But here is a new outfit, in a new category I’ve named masquerade, meaning that the characters wearing the outfits are in disguise or dressed as someone else than themselves. So this is my champion, infiltrating Barad Gularan in Angmar. I’ve actually had the outfit for a while, and I don’t remember exactly how I got the idea for it. I’ve been wanting to use the awesome helmet for a long time, and somehow it started from that. The boots and gloves are not perfect but it was the best I came up with from my rather limited wardrobe. But I love this outfit, and Evelara wears it a lot.


The books are so small here...

The books are so small here…

Head: Polished Helmet of the Dunland Shieldsman, crimson, quest reward (70) To Lan Colvarn, Dunland

Shoulders: Heavy Nadhin Shoulders, default, Dol Amroth armor sets, or random drop

Back: Cloak of the Unwelcome Guest, crimson, quest reward (70) Neighbours Meet, Great River

Chest: Hyrde-Breost, crimson, quest reward (72) Champions of the Falcon, Dunland

Hands: Potent War Gauntlets of Eomer, crimson, crafted metalsmith T8

Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the Iron Arm, crimson, skirmish camp barter


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3 Responses to The Crimson Champion

  1. hikersguidetolotro says:

    Awesome! Great implementation for that cloak and the Dunland/Dol Amroth armor combination! That can get tricky! Nice Job!

  2. Mori says:

    I really like this outfit! Love the colors and combination of textures!

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