Updated: Warden of Annúminas


Ingwyn has spent a long time in the north, around the lake Evendim, helping the rangers fight off the Angmarim and the tomb-robbers. She has dressed in the same colours as the banners, and decorated the robe with stars.



My loremaster in her Evendim-outfit. It hasn’t changed, I quite like it as it is. My point with it back when I made it was to copy the colours of the banners as close as possible, and I think I made a good job of it.

local3 local19

Head: Veteran Footman’s Light Hat, sea blue, skirmish barter

Shoulders: Mantle of Long Memory, navy, quest reward (38) Sanctity of the Sovereigns, Evendim

Back: Cloak of the Grey Company, sea blue, quest reward Vol. III, book 5, chapter 1: Separate ways-Radanir

Chest: Robe of Long Memory, violet, Wardens of Annúminas barter item

Hands: Gloves of Long Memory, navy, Wardens of Annúminas barter item

Feet: Nail-Treaders, navy, world drop

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