Updated: Little elf-friend

This place is pretty

This place is pretty

Glindra has spent a long time with the elves of Ered Luin, long enough that they have started to call her Elvellon, Elf-friend. She wants to dress like an elf, and has gotten herself some nice garments from one of their tailors. She is a girly little hobbit, so soft shades of pink, violet and brown is what she has chosen. Now she can almost blend in…

I think I'll pick some flowers for my friend

I think I’ll pick some flowers for my friend

Here is my hobbit girl in her elf-inspired outfit. I haven’t made any changes to this one, it is one of her favorites. The boots could perhaps be different, but I haven’t found any better ones yet. Lately I’ve been quite busy and haven’t spent much time hunting outfit pieces 🙂

Lovely smells

Lovely smells

There he is

There he is

Head: Circlet of the Seven Stars, burgundy, Annuminas barter item

Back: Simbelmÿne Cloak, rose, spring festival 2012 barter item

Chest: Elven Skirmisher’s Armour, rose, T4 crafted

Hands: Ceremonial Gloves of the Graven Word, rose, skirmish barter item (rift light armor)

Legs: Shining Elven Leather Leggings, rose, world drop

Feet: Cobwebbed Shoes, burgundy, quest reward (60) Queen in the Fungus, Moria


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