Updated: Practising rune-casting


Hervald fled from the Lonely Mountain when Smaug attacked, and made his home in Ered Luin. He used to be a cook, but has now started to learn the art of the rune-keeper. He is wearing a green robe with details in violet and gold, and a lovely cloak with embroideries on it, trying to look older and wiser than he is.


Here are new pictures of Hervald’s rune-keeper outfit. I usually don’t like robes, because I think they make my toons look fat, but the dwarves look short and broad anyway, so I decided I could give Hervald a robe:) I still think it looks good, I didn’t make any changes to this outfit. The cloak is a favorite of mine, I really should use it again.



I think they are coming from that direction...

I think they are coming from that direction…

Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Pads of Might, yellow, world drop

Back: Cloak of the Seven Stars, violet, skirmish barter, or Annuminas(for skirm marks)

Chest: Robe of the Grove, olive, quest reward (43) Sarnemil’s Flight, Trollshaws

Hands: Elven Campaigner’s Gloves, violet, T5 crafted

Feet: Munce’ Shoes, dark green, quest reward (23) A Greater Theft, Lonelands

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