Updated: In the cold North

Gotta brush off this snow

Gotta brush off this snow

Alfric has ended up in the far north, in icy Forochel, training his skills as a captain. He is fascinated by the beautiful landscape with its turquoise colors and icy plains. He has also won the confidence of the locals, the Lossoth, who turns out to be rather nice people, once they let you into their lives. Alfric dresses warmly in fur and leather, and has chosen colors that match the landscape.

Wouldn't survive without a fire

Wouldn’t survive without a fire

This outfit came into being from a desire to use one of the many beautiful Yule Festival cloaks I acquired. The reindeer horn image on this one made me think of Forochel, and because Alfric happened to be questing there at the moment, he became my model. I didn’t change anything in this outfit, it’s one of the better ones I’ve made for my cappy.



A mailbox, how interesting

A mailbox, how interesting

Shoulders: Shoulder Guards of Fém, red, quest reward (43) Crannog’s Fourth Challenge, Angmar

Back: Wintry Yule Cloak, umber, Yule Festival barter item

Chest: Burnished Dunlending Chestpiece, sea blue, quest reward (66) Deeds and Words, Dunland

Hands: Gauntlets of the Brown wizard, crimson, quest reward (30) Fallen Oak, Lone-lands

Feet: Boots of Fém, red, quest reward (43) Crannog’s Challenge, Angmar



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