Updated : Mr. Vain

Some very fine furs indeed, I think I'm going to buy one

Some very fine furs indeed, I think I’m going to buy one

Thodo, a burglar from the Shire, has travelled to Bree to practise his skills. On his way to the shadier parts of the town, he found a mirror…and because he is vain to his nature, he just has to stop and admire his new attire…


New screenshots of my burglar’s town outfit. He has been reduced to storage mule and I doubt he will ever be leveled beyond his current lvl of 13, so he rarely walks around showing his outfits, which is a shame, because he has a couple of nice ones 🙂


Head: Plumed Hat, dark green, Intro quest reward(Archet)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Mark, orange, world drop

Back: Plain Cloak, sienna, any outfitter

Chest: Wolfpelt Coat, navy, drops in Sarnur or Urugarth

Hands: Kelkka-maker’s Gloves, dark green, quest reward (44) Building the Snow-sled, Forochel

Legs: Happ-Leggar, navy, quest reward (29) Brew-master, North Downs

Feet: Leather Boots, dark green, any outfitter

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