Edoras visitor


Evelara has travelled to Rohan, and is going to visit king Theoden. She wears armor in burgundy and green, decorated with gold.


This outfit changed so much I decided not to call it updated πŸ™‚ I only kept the helmet from my champions previous Rohan outfit. It was another case where I noticed she never used it, so that meant I didn’t like it. This one turned out well I think, and having a nice Rohan sky in the background only makes it better πŸ™‚



Head: Helm of the Fallen Watchtower, dark green, quest reward (78) The Tower by the Stream, East Rohan

Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the White Mountains, burgundy, quest reward (97) Oaths broken, oaths kept, Gondor

Back: Mearas-mane Cloak, burgundy, quest reward (82) Scattered Friends, East Rohan

Chest: Strong Eastemnet Skirmish Armour, burgundy, T8 crafted, tailor

Hands: Mitts of the Encroaching Winter, burgundy, quest reward Vol. III, book 10, chapter 3: No Word from Wildermore

Feet: Nail-Treaders, dark green. Strange enough, these boots are not on Lotro-wiki, but I suspect they are a world drop, I seem to have had them in my vault a long time

Horse: Prized Angmarim Free Peoples Steed

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