Updated: Lady in red

Hmm, that bow perhaps...

Hmm, that bow perhaps…

Danvien is in Rivendell, getting supplies for another hunting expedition. As always, she is dressed fashionably, this time in red and mild brown. She is sure to turn some heads in the vale of Imladris…

Too much to choose from...

Too much to choose from…

New pictures of my hunter’s town-outfit, in Rivendell this time. I’m quite happy with it still, even though it bothers me a little that the cloak won’t dye the same shade of red as the other pieces.

So nice with the sun on my face

So nice with the sun on my face

Time to move on

Time to move on

Shoulders: Rock-climber’s Shoulderguards, crimson, T6 crafted

Back: Golden Tree Summer Cloak, crimson, Summer Festival barter item

Chest: Rider’s Silken Shirt, crimson, friend standing with Theodred’s Riders. Also available as a quest reward in Dunland I think, under a different name.

Hands: Extravagant Festival Gloves, umber, Yulefest quest reward, (10) Gain and Glory:Assist the Rich

Legs: Trousers of the Ent-Friend, umber, quest reward from (75) Kicking a Stone, Great River

Feet: Padded Shoes, crimson, any outfitter

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