Updated: The champion


Evelara is in Fangorn Forest, helping the Ents. She wears full armor with a nice heraldic cloak.

Strange mushrooms...

Strange mushrooms…

New pictures of the old champion outfit. I took them in Fangorn, which might have been a mistake, because it is quite dark in there at day-time, even if you stand in a patch of sunlight. This outfit is one of my oldest and I’m not completely happy with it, but as with several others of my old outfits, it is hard to change just one thing. The armor pieces I had access to 3 years ago were a different style than the Rohan and Gondor stuff I loot or buy these days, and also I buy more from skirmish vendors since I have lots more currency now than back then. So this outfit stays as it is, even though I’d like to change a few items. Maybe I should make a new tag or category and call it Retro 😀




Head: Ion’s helmet, violet, quest reward from (56) Little Revolution, Moria. There are other helmets like this one dropping in Moria, and a ceremonial version can be found in the Lotro Store.

Shoulders: Rock-climber’s Shoulderguards, violet, T6 crafted.

Back: Light Cloak of Evasion, violet, Enedwaith/Eregion world drop, or Lotro Store  (called Ceremonial Artisan’s Cloak).

Chest: Ceremonial Dragon-Scale Breastplate, violet, skirmish cosmetic trader.

Hands: Blademaster’s Gauntlets, violet, champion barter item, Moria.

Legs: Ceremonial Dragon-Scale Leggings, violet, skirmish cosmetic trader.

Feet: Rochwen’s Boots, rust, quest reward (34) Some Disease Affects Them, Trollshaws.

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