Updated: Hunting in the snow

Hi there little lynx, you're quite tame aren't you?

Hi there little lynx, you’re quite tame aren’t you?

Danvien is hunting in the Misty Mountains, wearing warm clothes in white and grey, with a deep blue cloak as accent. This little lynx doesn’t seem afraid at all…

A good aim is crucial

A good aim is crucial

My hunter’s quest outfit. I think it’s a practical outfit for hunting, while still having a bit of drama and elegance too, which is sort of Danvien’s style. The cloak is a favorite of mine, and it looks awesome in most dyes. The only thing that looks odd with this outfit is the fact she doesn’t have a quiver, she just magically gets her arrows from somewhere :P. Too bad you can’t wear both a quiver and a cloak. Her shadow is kinda funny too because the bow doesn’t show in it 🙂 In the original post she was wearing shoulderpads, but for some reason they were toggled off when I took these screenshots, and I noticed it only later :P.


Lie down! Heh, it worked.

Lie down! Heh, it worked.

Back: Cloak of the Dove, dye ered luin, spring festival gift box, or lotro store

Chest: Dunlending’s Hunting Jacket, default dye, Men of Dunland rep barter, friend standing. Some quest rewards share the same look if I remember correctly.

Hands: Elven Campaigner’s Gloves, dye black, T5 crafted

Feet: Boar-Hide Boots, dye white, Men of Dunland rep barter, ally standing

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