Rohan celebration

Oh how nice, everyone is here

Oh how nice, everyone is here

There is a party in a meadhall somewhere in Rohan, and Ingwyn is there. She wears her finest tunic with leggings and a pretty cloak. Let the dancing begin!

Step one, step two, here we go

Step one, step two, here we go

Time for a completely new outfit for a change 🙂 I was going to re-publish Ingwyn’s festive outfit, but realised I didn’t like it all, so I made a new one. The plan was to use a dress, but I didn’t have any in my wardrobe that I hadn’t already used. Then I tried this forgotten tunic on and realised it could work very well as a festive outfit. This year’s summer festival cloak looked good with it, and suddenly I had an outfit. I used turquoise dye, because I almost never use it 🙂

What a nice tapestry

What a nice tapestry

Delicious bread

Delicious bread

Head: Worn hood, turquoise, beorning starter armor

Shoulders: Wynmar’s End, turquoise, quest reward (70) The Orcs Attack, Great River

Back: Cloak of Nárië, turquoise, summer festival barter item

Chest: Rohirrim Tunic and Trousers, turquoise, Stangard reputation barter, kindred

Feet: The Warrior-skald’s Shoes, turquoise, Ox-clan Merchant Camp barter, minstrel armor

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