Updated: Elven sentinel

No sign of the elves yet

No sign of the elves yet

Mimbaril is patrolling the road through the Lone-lands, to prepare way for a party of Elves going to the Grey Havens. He is wearing a beautiful elven chestplate, mail leggings and a pointy helmet, and carrying a heavy shield as protection.

Silly warg, growling at me won't do anything good

Silly warg, growling at me won’t do anything good

Another dusted-off old outfit, which I don’t use much because this character has become a vault-keeper mostly, and is seldom seen out in the wild. I changed the boots, and he has a different shield than when I first created the outfit. I plan to match the shield better, as soon as I find one. So far I have looked at all the skirmish shields and found them to be nice, but dull in color for the most part.

I'd better shoot that orc over there

I’d better shoot that orc over there


Head: Blade Helm of Vigour, dye umber, world drop

Shoulders: Shining Dwarf-steel Shoulderpads, dye umber, world drop

Back: Swan Cloak, dye umber, I won it in the lottery, but can be obtained from Lotro Store, possibly also from giftboxes

Chest: Armour of  the Forest, dye sienna, quest reward (43) Giant Footprints, Trollshaws

Hands: Elven Steel Gauntlets of Rallying, dye umber, world drop

Legs: Sturdy West-Land Leggings of Resilience, dye sienna, world drop

Feet: Limdail, sienna, quest reward (44) Bloodwing, Angmar

Shield: It is probably a skirmish shield but I’ve forgotten to note which one, going to edit later

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