Updated: Elegant hunter

Nasty spider, here's an arrow for you...

Nasty spider, here’s an arrow for you…

Danvien has left Mirkwood. She has travelled all the way to Angmar and is hunting. She is dressed in black and red, because she loves to wear dramatic clothes, and in the gloomy area it might be a good thing to not blend in too much.

If you come closer I'll chop you with my axe, spider...

If you come closer I’ll chop you with my axe, spider…

Here are new screenshots of this old hunter outfit. I didn’t change anything in it, I rather like it as it is. Danvien likes to wear red and black, she is a little dramatic 🙂

Another spider...brr

Another spider…brr

I'm out of here

I’m out of here

Shoulders: Campaigner’s Shoulderguards, black, T5 crafted

Chest: Morcham, black, instance boss drop from The Dungeons of Dol Guldur(The Warden)/ or friend standing with Grey Company. Might be other world drops or crafted with the same appearance.

Back: Plain cloak, red, all outfitters

Hands: Ashpar’s fall, default color, quest reward, Vol II, Book 3, chapter 7: The White Hand in Darkness

Legs: Fine Leather Leggings, black, T2 crafted medium armor

Feet: Leather Shoes, black, medium armorsmith vendor

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