Update: Knight in shining armour

Lets fight!

Lets fight!

Alfric is ready for war. He has finally made enough money to get a full set of metal armor, and he wears an elegant cloak with a hood. His men are gathering on the shore, ready to set out against the Easterlings attacking Dale.

Ready, men?

Ready, men?

Alfric spent many years roaming in the lands near Dale and the Lonely Mountain, leading a band of men, elves and dwarves against goblins and orcs who threatened the rebuilt Laketown, and in 3018 he fought against the Easterlings attacking his homeland. Of course a captain and leader of men needs a fancy armor suite, so I looked at different armor sets, both crafted and vendor stuff. I realised there isn’t that much plate armor around, most of it is chain mail or leather. I used to play World of Warcraft, which had lots of awesome plate armor, and somehow an image of my human paladin in full armor was at the back of my mind. I ended up using the entire crafted Sellsword armour along with this beautiful cloak. When I was taking new screenshots I thought about changing something, maybe make it a different colour, but I couldn’t make up my mind and so left it like it was. I still think it works as a captain’s suit of armour. It’s not my favourite outfit, but Alfric uses it now and then. And obviously the background here is Evendim, because we don’t have Laketown (yet…).

class14 class12

Back: Cloak of the West-tower, dye white, skirmish classic vendor

Head, shoulders, chest, hands, legs, feet: Sellsword’s armour, T6 crafted, dye white.


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