Gondor fashion




I haven’t made a post about NPC fashion for a long time, so now I’m making one 🙂 I do know Gondor has been out for over a year by now (can you believe that? feels like yesterday I rode through the Path of the Dead for the first time) but only now with this new computer am I able to take good screenshots of the people in Dol Amroth. I love their clothes, and I would very much like to loot some armour one day soon that would resemble these pieces. The above dress is used by many NPC ladies, in several colours, mostly blue or some light shades like yellow or grey. They also wear some cute little cloaks/shawls, that would be nice to have for my characters as well.

dress2black dress2blue

This is the second dress model I found, also very nice. Below is a third, together with a dark grey version of the first dress. I like how the texture of the fabric can be seen. Of course, all these dresses have ballooning sleeves that would probably show through the gloves if you made an outfit with gloves.


The men also have nice things. This hauberk-style chest armor is common. I like the short cloaks too.

man1dark man1darkgrey man1sienna

This plaid tunic is cool, and also the hat.

man2withhat man2beige

And lastly some pictures of the soldiers in Dol Amroth, who I discovered did not all look the same.

soldier1 soldier4 soldier5

So, that’s all for now about Dol Amroth fashion. I do hope we could get more armour that looks like clothes or real armour, and less of the bulky or unrealistic stuff. The Nadhin shoulders that look a bit like wings are very pretty, but who would actually wear them in battle? Not the most practical-looking things 🙂


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