Updated: Gondorian adventurer

Finally, the beacon is retaken

Finally, the beacon is retaken

Evelara is in Gondor, and has just helped the locals retake a beacon from the invaders.

Nice view from up here

Nice view from up here

This was the second outfit I made on this blog, and it needed to be refreshed a bit. I exchanged the rather worn-looking leggings she had for these ones, they dye a much darker burgundy, which I like. I added a cloak, I’ve finally played long enough to get the beautiful 4 year cloak, and I thought it could work in this outfit. I then changed the boots and gloves to match the cloak a bit better. I wasn’t matching the outfit to a horse, but found that the Prized Angmar’s Free Peoples Horse was a pretty good match.



I got the /bannergondor emote from a quest, and it’s quite cool 🙂


Back: Festive Azure Cloak, burgundy, 4-year giftbox

Chest: Brocham, burgundy, quest reward from (49)Help From The South, Angmar.

Hands: Boar Clansman Sentry’s Gauntlets, burgundy, quest reward (71) Biting the Hand that Feeds, Dunland

Legs: Dolen-Saviad, burgundy, quest reward Vol III Book 4 Chapter 8: The Messenger of Isengard

Feet: Shoes of the Hopeful Melody, burgundy, skirmish camp barter

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2 Responses to Updated: Gondorian adventurer

  1. gloredh says:

    oh nice I like the pieces and colours combo 🙂

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