Memories of fire


Hervald is home in Thorin’s Hall. He is talking to Dwalin and some other friends, remembering the old days in the city of Erebor. He wears some elegant clothes and a cloak symbolizing the fire of Smaug, the dragon who ruined his old home.


This outfit took me a long time to figure out, and my bad memory didn’t help. I had a memory Hervald was from the Lonely Mountain, and was imagining this outfit along those lines. Then I happened to check it up, and what do you know, he was from Ered Luin, the Blue Mountains. I tried to rethink the outfit, but then realized it didn’t matter, because the people who esaped the destruction of Erebor fled to Ered Luin. So his origins is kind of double, and I think the outfit works.




Back: Dolen-Clog, yellow, quest reward (68) Curing the Leather, Tal Methedras/Dunland

Chest: Dwarf-make Hauberk, crimson, cosmetic bought from Boltr in Thorin’s Hall

Hands: Dwarf-steel Gloves of Might, crimson, world drop

Feet: Siege-Breaker’s boots, crimson, quest reward (35) Siege-master, North Downs


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