Warden of Annúminas


Ingwyn has spent a long time in the north, around the lake Evendim, helping the rangers fight off the Angmarim and the tomb-robbers. She has dressed in the same colours as the banners, and decorated the robe with stars.


I was leveling my lore-master in Evendim some time ago, and made her an outfit to use there. I wanted to use the same colours as in the banners, but the dyes aren’t an exact match, the jade green in the middle of the banner was too blue for turquoise, and too green for sea blue:) I still chose sea blue, because I like it:) Also the violet is a bit too pale, but purple was far too dark. I’m still happy about it though, and she uses it a lot in Eregion too, where she is currently questing.



Head: Veteran Footman’s Light Hat, sea blue, skirmish barter

Shoulders: Mantle of Long Memory, navy, quest reward (38) Sanctity of the Sovereigns, Evendim

Back: Cloak of the Grey Company, sea blue, quest reward Vol. III, book 5, chapter 1: Separate ways-Radanir

Chest: Robe of Long Memory, violet, Wardens of Annúminas barter item

Hands: Gloves of Long Memory, navy, Wardens of Annúminas barter item

Feet: Nail-Treaders, navy, world drop

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One Response to Warden of Annúminas

  1. gloredh says:

    How I wish we had more dye options! XD
    I like the first two pictures with the banner, even though the colors cannot be exactly reproduced you came close to it, the cloak is nice in sea blue 🙂

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