Beautiful Ost Elendil

Well, I’ve finally come to the point where I have published all the outfits I have made. I still got many more to create though, before I’m done. While waiting to be able to log in (Turbine seems to have problems today…) I thought I’d just post some nice screenshots I took a while ago, from the Ost Elendil instance. OstElendil14

This is one of the most beautiful places in the game in my opinion. Other favorites I have are Elrond’s library, the Hall of Fire, well, actually most parts of the Last Homely House, the Rohan meadhalls and the sky of Enedwaith.


I really like the unusual windows, where you can actually see something on the outside, in this case the ruins of  Annúminas.


Evelara on a throne:)


Another nice view of Annúminas.


Well, that’s all folks, for this time. Waiting to create more outfits as soon as it’s possible to log in again.

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