A little party


The hobbits are fond of good food and drink, and tonight Thego has joined a little party at the inn. As usual, he tries to impress with his clothing, and has chosen a purple robe with silver trimmings, and a nice hat to go with it.

Festive1Well, Summer Festival is in progress, and it might be suitable to publish a party outfit. I haven’t actually participated in the festival this year, I looked at the available cosmetics and decided they were not worth a grind this time. This outfit is very simple but I think it works for my little burglar.


Head: Extravagant Festival Cap, purple, Yulefest quest reward (10)Gain and Glory:Assist the Rich

Chest: Frostbluff Robe of Thanks, purple, Yule Festival quest reward (1) Good Deeds at Yule-time

Hands: Fingerless Gloves, white, Yule Festival quest reward (10) Self-Sacrifice: Support the Poor

Feet: Embroidered Shoes of the Dunland Healer, purple, quest reward (66) Missing Persons, Dunland

P.S. Don’t you love the hobbit painting in the background? So very naive and cute:)

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One Response to A little party

  1. gloredh says:

    purple dye looks good with the robe and hat, he is an elegant gentlehobbit 😀

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