Little warden


Glindra has always wanted to go on adventures, and she is now in the Ered Luin Region, where a nice elf has taught her the ways of a warden. Eager to serve, she has enlisted with the dwarves of Gondamon, where she is looking out for enemies atop the walls. She wears some sturdy armor for protection, with a cool helmet as well:)


In my series of class armor, the turn has come to my little hobbit girl. I wanted to use the Warden’s Pack, and thought it would be a good combination with blue and brown, and a touch of gold on the helmet. The shield doesn’t really match, but it’s the one she’s currently using (at lvl 12…) and I didn’t go look for a better one, since shields aren’t a cosmetic item and it might be hard to find a decent-looking one for that lvl.


Head: Himhar, evendim blue, quest reward Vol. I, book 4, chapter 8: The Unmarked Trail

Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Pads of Might, sienna, world drop

Back: Warden’s Pack, evendim blue, outfitting vendor

Chest: Polished Hauberk of the Dunland Shieldman, evendim blue, quest reward (70) To Lhan Rhos, Dunland

Hands: Reinforced Leather Gauntlets of Rallying, evendim blue, world drop

Feet: Hillman’s Cracked Leather Boots, sienna, quest reward (66) Capture the Stores, Dunland

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One Response to Little warden

  1. gloredh says:

    the helmet is very peculiar, it looks so cute on your hobbit lass, nice choice with evendim blue as well 🙂

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