A little bit of bragging…

Incredible! I participated in the Mugshot/Crime story contest arranged by The Starry Mantle and Cosmetic Lotro, and my crime story won! I still can’t believe it. I never win anything:P. Anyway, all honor to my sneaky little burglar who inspired the story. Here it is:


Thego was trying to impress the ladies, as he often did. This time his eye had been caught by Rosemary, a hobbit-lass working at the Prancing Pony. “Every woman likes cats”, Thego thought, and so he scouted around Bree, looking for one. He came across a house full of cats, and sneakily carried one off. “She has so many, she won’t notice if I take one,” he thought. Little did he know it was the cat lady’s favorite, Horatio, that he had stolen. It was only after sitting in jail for two days that he found out Rosemary was allergic to cats.”

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