Wildermore Cosmetics

I haven’t seen anyone blog about the new cosmetics yet, and then I thought: why don’t I make a post about it myself? So here comes. I apologize for the small pictures, but I hope it will give you a general idea anyway. (I’m not very good at computer things, like getting dressing room screenies to look big and clear).

I found three different cloak designs, and one of them seems to look like Odda’s Riding Cloak from Great River.


Here is the Wildermore Cloak of Might/Agility/Will on the left, default and red, and Wildermore Cloak of Vitality on the right, dito.Cloaks2Wildermore Cloak of Fate, default and red. The cloaks are not cosmetic but statted.

There are also heavy, medium and light armor sets, cosmetic.

HeavySetThe heavy set, in default and navy. The leggings don’t show so I took pics of them separately.

HeavyLegsMedium set, in default and green.

MediumSetLight set, in default and red. Same with these leggings obviously, not visible under the robe.

LightSetLightLegsSo, those ones I’ve seen so far, I haven’t quested at all in the region yet, and I don’t know if I will. Some of these cosmetics might be worth getting though, so maybe I’ll do some quests at least. Hope this post was of use to someone.



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