One with the shadows


Thego is in Bree, trying to practise his burglar skills. He has found the shadiest part of the town, and has dressed in grey to blend in with the shadows.


A burglar needs something to wear when doing his business. I haven’t yet figured out if Lotro burglars actually are criminals, or if they are more like Robin Hood, or if they only do tricks on orcs and other enemies. Either way, Thego needs to practise his tricks, and I gave him an outfit in grey and black, to help him blend in.


Head: Fine Grey Company Hood, default dye, quest reward, Vol. III, book 5, chapter 1: Separate Ways-Corunir

Shoulders: Reinforced Leather Dunlending Shoulderguards, default dye, quest reward (69) Scattered Delivery, Dunland

Back: Plain cloak, black, any outfitter

Chest: Boar Clansman Sentry’s Jacket, grey, quest reward (71) Punishing the Wicked, Dunland

Hands: Elven Campaigner’s Gloves, grey, T5 crafted

Feet: Munce’s Shoes, black, quest reward (23) A Greater Theft, Lonelands

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