If ever I would have married anyone…


There is a party at the inn, but Glindra is not happy. She is in love with a particular hobbit lad, who unfortunately does not return her feelings. He prefers to talk to his friends. And wearing her best dress and cloak is not helping at all!


The third outfit I made for my hobbit girl. I entered this outfit in the Bullroarer Screenshot Contest, but I have no idea if it even participated, because I never got any response to the e-mail. Maybe that’s how they do it, though, they might not have any auto-reply to inform you that the picture has arrived. Anyway, while I was trying to take screenshots that give the impression of partying hobbits (not easy in any of the rather empty-looking inns…), I came up with this story of why Glindra left the Shire.



Head: White Rose Circlet, dark green, Spring festival barter/giftbox item

Back: Cloak of the Shining Star, rivendell, Anniversary barter item

Chest: Exquisite Dress, forest green, Yule Festival Giftbox

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