Creepy forest


Danvien has lived in Mirkwood most of her life, and every now and then she goes hunting. The number of spiders has grown too much recently, and she has decided to go out and do something about it. She has dressed in murky green to blend in with the shady trees.


In my series of “origins”-outfits, I’ve come to Danvien, who is from Mirkwood. Once called Greenwood, it wasn’t always corrupted, but now it is overrun with spiders and other things. This time my inspiration was the dye rather than any particular pieces of clothing. I just felt like an outfit for a murky place had to be ranger green, so I tried out different items in that color, of course bearing in mind it had to look like a hunter’s outfit. This is what I ended up with, and I think it’s quite nice and also very elvish.



Shoulders: Noriel’s Folly, ranger green, quest reward (75) The Orcs Attack, Great River

Back: Cloak of the Dreamflower/Galadhrim/Golden Wood, ranger green, quest reward vol II, book 7, chapter 9

Chest: Shining Elven Padded Jacket, ranger green, world drop

Hands: Scout’s Weathered Leather Gloves, ranger green, quest reward (67) The Slovenly Work of Mange-rider, Dunland

Legs: Leggings of Accord, ranger green, quest reward Vol. II, book 8, chapter 6: Return to Azanarukar

Feet: Messenger’s Pursuit, ranger green, quest reward (51) Sealing the Gate, Moria

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One Response to Creepy forest

  1. gloredh says:

    I like the whole ranger green theme in this outfit, fitting for a hunter look 🙂

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